We manufacture high-quality healthy and ecofriendly premises for commercial and public sectors

We deliver, for example, social care, educational and business premises, as well as production facilities. The buildings are manufactured indoors in stable state-of-the-art factory conditions and they adhere to strict quality, environmental and health criteria. All premises are delivered completely ready. Our customers value our short delivery times and our turnkey solutions. Our prices are competitive and fixed, as are our delivery times.

Sustainable and eco-friendly

We value energy efficiency and sustainability in our business. We manufactured the first kindergarten in Finland that received the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The quality of indoor air, the safety of used materials and care for the environment are very important aspects of constructing different premises.

joutsenmerkkirakentaminen pienryhmäkoti yrityksen toimitilat hoivarakentaminen puurakentaminen toimitilarakentaminen.

Our service

We offer turnkey solutions from design to implementation, from groundworks to assembly on site. We take care of the whole project for you! Our unique operation model and revolutionary production concept save your time and money. The earlier in the planning stage you contact us, the more you gain. We have three production facilities around Finland that will respond to your needs quickly. With our help, it is easy to make decisions on new premises.

Moduulikuljetukset lähdössä Teijo-Talojen tehtaalta moduulirakentaminen


Our unique construction method is suitable for all building sectors. Solid high-quality buildings are built indoors and they remain dry throughout the building process. All premises are built of modules and are transportable. The modularity does not limit the size of the buildings.

All premises are designed according to customer needs. The premises can be expanded by connecting modules. The modules are connected fast on site. Even large areas can be built without the surrounding areas being affected by long term noise nuisance or lessened security.


Teijo-Talot Oy was founded in Salo in 2000. The company started by building small houses for the residential sector. In fact, the first part of the company’s name refers to a part of the Salo city, called Teijo, where the first houses were built. The last part of the name – Talot – is the Finnish word for Houses. Today, three Teijo-factories operate in Finland manufacturing premises for business and public sectors.


If you have any questions, please, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are delighted to help you. Also learn more on our Finnish website.

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