Our concept utilizes a unique construction method based on a transportable concrete foundation and a special lifting system. The concept is suitable for all building sectors: residential, public and commercial. Solid high-quality buildings are built indoors and they remain dry throughout the building process.

All buildings and premises include a concrete foundation, are built of modules and are transportable. The modularity does not limit the size of the buildings.

The building plot is fully prepared with an even gravel ground and infratech and housetech. The completed building with its concrete foundation is transported from the factory to the site and mounted by using a special lifting system. The production process is fast and the buildings, or a part of them, can be easily relocated or exchanged by using the lifting system. Our concept saves the money of our customers and of the society.

All premises are designed according to customer needs. The premises can be expanded by connecting modules. The modules are connected fast on site. Even large areas can be built without the surrounding areas being affected by long term noise nuisance or lessened security.

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