Teijo-Talot Oy was founded in Salo in 2000. The company started by building small houses for the residential sector. In fact, the first part of the company’s name (Teijo) refers to a part of the Salo city, called Teijo, where the first houses were built. The last part of the name – Talot – is the Finnish word for Houses. Today, three Teijo-factories operate in Finland manufacturing premises for business and public sectors.

The business is based on a unique construction method and a special lifting system. Solid high-quality buildings are built in state-of-the-art factory conditions. All buildings and premises include a concrete foundation, are built of modules and are transportable.

Members of the Board:

Olli Raunio, Chairman
Petteri Laitala
Jari Suominen

Our factories at Your service

Joutnantie 73, Perniö

Karhunkorventie 10, Tuulos

Vetelintie 665, Halsua

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